Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on June 11, 2014.

Rank  Change  Title
367 Small_arrow_up440 The Legion of Blogcast
113 Small_arrow_up435 Dance Floor Vocals
498 Small_arrow_up345 Rock Fanatic Rockcast
446 Small_arrow_up303 MPIR Old Time Radio
492 Small_arrow_up297 misionerosmsp's Podcast
359 Small_arrow_up256 Top 5 of Death Podcast
461 Small_arrow_up249 DJ BRETUOBA's Podcast
432 Small_arrow_up247 Horror 101 Podcast
456 Small_arrow_up242 GhostPee
214 Small_arrow_up234 DJ Jonny Mack's Mack Daddy
316 Small_arrow_up228 Occupy the Media Collective
477 Small_arrow_up216 2 Men and The Mouse: A Walt Disney World Podcast
290 Small_arrow_up199 SILENCE!
317 Small_arrow_up197 China in the World
370 Small_arrow_up194 Подкаст о настольных играх
361 Small_arrow_up192 La Escuela de Inversion.com
488 Small_arrow_up188 El Estudio Verde y Oro
205 Small_arrow_up185 DJ Z's Podcast (Classic Chicago House Music)
464 Small_arrow_up184 Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine's Fiction Podcast
327 Small_arrow_up183 What's The Tea?
347 Small_arrow_up183 Mottey's Garage
236 Small_arrow_up181 Kev Beadle's Mind Fluid Podcast
482 Small_arrow_up179 Talk To Contact - A podcast about Minnesota's f...
470 Small_arrow_up177 Duo Benítez Valencia
494 Small_arrow_up174 Tunecast!
471 Small_arrow_up173 Intoxica Radio w/Howie Pyro
335 Small_arrow_up170 The Seminal Sessions
291 Small_arrow_up167 Psy Trance
423 Small_arrow_up167 Men of Valor Program
191 Small_arrow_up165 Step into Your Power™ Podcast
315 Small_arrow_up162 SOUL KANDI RADIO SHOW
371 Small_arrow_up158 Rockabilly Roadhouse's Podcast
400 Small_arrow_up154 Italiano Automatico Podcast
443 Small_arrow_up146 The Q Spot
442 Small_arrow_up144 Julie Prince's House to House (Radio Show)
246 Small_arrow_up142 Stevie G's podcast
406 Small_arrow_up140 DJ b Desk'ness' Podcast
500 Small_arrow_up140 Live At 605
221 Small_arrow_up139 Wez Champion's Podcast
386 Small_arrow_up136 Morpheus Soul's Podcast
469 Small_arrow_up133 Teknision (all mix no talk) Podcast
350 Small_arrow_up132 Dj Oliver M - Dj Sessions
474 Small_arrow_up129 Denise Martello Gurney (Twisted Dee)
476 Small_arrow_up129 djspinna's Podcast
244 Small_arrow_up128 Scottish Poetry Library Podcast
329 Small_arrow_up128 @DjSocaRatty (Soca Jam Show's Podcast)
483 Small_arrow_up127 La Cloaca Internacional
171 Small_arrow_up126 The Art of Love Podcast
380 Small_arrow_up126 Iniversal Sounds podcast

55x55_9655757 PLAY Whole 'Nuther Thing Saturday Jun...
Podcast: Whole 'Nuther Thing
From: Bob Goodman
Duration: 170 min. 37 sec.
55x55_9440528 PLAY CHRISSID pres FRANKIE KNUCKLES -...
Podcast: Chrissi D!'s Podcast
From: Chrissi D!
Duration: 76 min. 22 sec.

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